Rules for rental horse

As a business group, we rely highly on each individual’s experiences and good common sense. We appreciate riding clubs and universities kindly renting their precious horses, to the business group, as no competitions will be possible without these horses. Despite the fact many of the riders in the business group are weekend riders and the owners will not necessarily know “who” will be riding their horses, we have established trust through the rules below;

  1. Take good care of the horses: Horses are not disposable vehicles. They serve and work through competitions with you - a stranger for them. Please take care of the horses as if they were yours. In any case of the result of competitions, excessive behaviour towards the horses will not be acceptable.
  2. Please greet the associated organizations renting horses: Even if you are paying participation fee, we are still in a position of being rented the horses. Please be polite towards horses and the owners by greeting them with “Yoroshiku onegaishimasu” before the ride, and “Arigatou gozaimashita” after the ride. Basic manners makes the reputation of JBG.
  3. Never bad mouth about the horses: Competitions are unpredictable. It is designed for someone to win and someone to lose. The cause could be your skills, or the horse or just luck. In any case, we should always learn from the results and leverage it on the next. Universal motto of horse riding is, “Win because of the horse, lose because of one's fault”. Always act with grace towards the horses despite any results.
  4. Take good care until the end: Keep close attention whilst someone is getting the horse ready. Never return the horse sweaty or unclean, and maintaining the horse should be the first priority as long as time allows. Maintenance is part of riders responsibilities, and in circumstances you cannot, politely ask for someone to help. Someday JBG hopes to hear from the owners with reputations of JBG members taking care of the horses and returns them spotless.

We all wish to enjoy the competitions. These simple yet important rules are essential to develop the future of JBG. Please always keep these in mind. We appreciate your cooperation.

(In Japanese/日本語)

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